When you do voluntary work, you gain skills that can help you succeed in your career.

Voluntary work is an important

Type Of Work

type of work

Voluntary work is an important type of work. It differs from the paid work since people do it without expecting any compensation, reward or remuneration.

voluntary jobs

People who take voluntary jobs are usually those who are willing to help the society and make a difference in the lives of others.

Greater productivity

These are the organizations which are run by the people of the society and have no state interference. set up by the people of the locality,

Here are some benefits of

Social Organizations

These organizations help in providing services to other social groups in order to promote harmony in them. These organizations are usually set up by the government departments or local governments and they operate with a free hand as per their guidelines and instructions only.

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They also

Provide Services

They also provide services in areas which need immediate attention like natural calamities, public health, family welfare etc.

These organizations help in providing various educational facilities to the people in their community or region.

Charitable Organization

These organizations work for the cause of promoting welfare and improving the life conditions of the people. They may be set up by philanthropists or by individual citizens who want to make a difference in their lives.

These are religious bodies which are established on the basis of religious beliefs and promote harmony among people belonging to different religions or sects.

These organizations help in conducting studies, research works and contributing to science development in different fields such as chemistry, physics etc. They also mentor students while they pursue higher education(HSC & above).


Cultural Activities

These organizations help in promoting the culture of the locality and promoting unity among people belonging to different geographical regions by improving their cultural activities.



These organizations help in organizing games for the youth, providing facilities for sports and enhancing physical strength of people.



These are organizations that spread entertainment and social awareness among people belonging to a specific area i.e. students, schools etc. cultural awareness among people of their locality.

Social Service / Voluntary Organizations

These are organizations which spread social awareness among the people of their locality by promoting unity among them. These organizations work for the benefit of women and children by providing them facilities like education, health care, vocational training etc. These organizations are formed after the election to improve government services and get political awareness among voters. These organizations are formed to protect the natural resources of their area, conserve environment, promote greenery in their area etc. They also spread awareness among people about environment degradation and its impact on global warming.